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User testing The ultimate TV guide for Australians is a TV-first app to help Australians find and enjoy the best TV shows and movies across free-to-air and paid streaming providers.

The problem

With so many options for watching TV in Australia, it can be hard to keep track of what’s on, what’s new, and what’s worth watching. Users often switch between different apps and devices or browse endless menus and grids to find something they like. This can be frustrating, time-consuming, and overwhelming.

The solution simplifies the TV-watching experience by providing a unified, personalized TV guide. Users can quickly discover, filter, and access content via deep links across all their providers on any device. also leverages artificial intelligence to offer intelligent recommendations.

The features has several features that make it stand out from other TV guides:

  • Sports section: Users can find live sports events from various sports channels and streaming services, as well as catch up on highlights, scores, and news.
  • Kids channel: With parental controls, users can create a safe and fun environment for their kids to find age-appropriate and educational content from various providers.
  • News: Users can stay informed and updated with the latest news from multiple sources, covering local, national, and international topics.
  • Sophisticated filters: Users can narrow their search results by applying various filters, such as genre, provider, language, rating, release date, and more.
  • AI-driven recommendations: Users can get personalized suggestions for what to watch next based on their tastes.

My involvement

Searchr approached me to build an early prototype of the app. I created the brand style consisting of colours, fonts and icons to do so. Given that the show thumbnails are very colourful, I kept the palette of background colours, icons, and controls monochrome. Playing with transparencies for variation and depth.

The prototype was then extended to build out the web/mobile app and TV app experience featuring two signup journeys. One originating from the TV app and the other from the web app.

During R1 development, I helped with user testing and supporting the development team.

Please note not all features in the design are implemented in R1. These will roll out over the coming months.

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